IG PAS Data Portal is an open data platform for Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences. This Portal is used to collect and share IG PAS data, taking into account access to the data from external repositories.

IG PAS data are open and provided for free, use in non-commercial purpose under applicable laws on data sharing public and publicly-funded. In the case of using data by external entities, the data source must be cited following the IG PAS guidelines contained in the metadata of the IG PAS Data Portal (information on how to cite data is included in the Dataset Citation field).

This Data Portal is currently a work in progress, and we will be adding much more data of IG PAS in the coming months as well as developing a host of new interactive features where users can explore the data in several ways.

Any feedback, request for data and other comments are very welcome. Please use the following email address for contact: data_steward (at) igf.edu.pl