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  • profile TTZ-South

    Seismic traces gathered in seismic sections recorded along the profile. Seismic energy generated by explosives every 25-55 km recorded by highly sensitive portable seismic...
  • PACASE-Carpathian_area

    Passive seismic data of the lithosphere and asthenosphere of the Carpathian Area collected under a project: Passive Seismic Studies of the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere of the...

    Struktura Grzbietu Knipowicza na podstawie badańsejsmicznych - KNIPSEIS. Structure of the Knipovich Ridge Based on Seismic Investigations - KNIPSEIS.
  • AniMaLS - Anisotropy of the Mantle benath the Lower Silesia

    Seismic data set acquired by 23 broadband stations in Lower Silesia, Poland. Contains 3-component continuous recordings from ~ 2 years period, obtained in frame of a passive...
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